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The Turf Barber offers a free lawn consultation when we meet with you for your estimate. Our staff is ready to provide you with a top quality cut each and every time we service your lawn. Our well maintained machines will provide a high quality cut and trim. We will maintain a mowing height of 3 to 3.5 inches and establish a mowing pattern that is sure to keep your lawn looking great. The mowing season starts in April and ends around the end of October or early November for a total of approximately 26 visits. Services are performed on a seven-day cycle, weather permitting of course. During times of faster than normal growth you may want to request more frequent mowing. Our staff will trim around trees, fences, etc. as well as maintain the edges along beds, walks, drives, and curbs. Upon completion of all mowing and trimming any debris will be blown off from drives, walks, decks, and patios. Serving all of Fairfield County.

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